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Top 10 Structured Cabling Consulting/Service Companies - 2020

With relentless digital technology consumption in the enterprise world, businesses are aiming for a structured cabling infrastructure that will allow them to support seamless multimedia communication across the video, computer, and IP-based communication systems. The significance of structured cabling is growing bigger in the telecom industry also because of a number of forces active in the industry. The industry is witnessing continuous increase in demand for high-speed data transmission, hyperscale data centers, and IoT and cloud related technologies. The rise of 5G and smart buildings is only going to add to the challenges in the industry. Structured cabling can play a key role in reducing power and maintenance costs by reigning in on the inefficiencies in network design and troubleshooting.

Companies need to implement efficient tools and frameworks to tackle cost and other challenges while enabling smart communication between different digital and traditional communication systems. There are a bevy of innovative structured cabling solution providers and service companies that are introducing new technology tools and strategies to reduce cost while increasing network design flexibility for improved communication in the form of video calling, video sharing, and online video-based meetings, among other trends.

In this edition of Telecom Tech Outlook, we shine light on the most promising networking solutions and services providers in the structured cabling domain. The edition comprises a list of technology vendors that bring proactiveness to networking systems implementation across multiple enterprise work floors. These vendors and service providers create a sense of digital communication freedom to ensure the information shared through the systems is secure.

We present you our "Top 10 Structured Cabling Consulting/ Service Companies - 2020".

    Top Structured Cabling Consulting/ Service Companies

  • HD Cameras USA has grown exponentially to become a prime distributor of access control, network cabling, sound systems, and video surveillance solutions, especially in the state of Florida. They have offices in five different cities, namely Tampa, Orlando, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, and West Palm Beach. In the network cabling, they offer the installation of a whole range of equipment and services, including long-distance wireless cameras, network wiring and faceplate installations, and wireless network bridge installations. At the same time, their ability to provide these leading-edge solutions and services at lower prices has enabled HD Cameras USA to build an extensive client base in the domain, which also includes some large enterprises

  • Millennium Communications Group (MCG) is a full-service technology communications company that has made its mark in the industry as a highly skilled and reliable source of engineering, construction, and technical solutions

  • A national corporation with a Midwest mentality, Prime Communications provides customized technology solutions to protect and connect your people and facilities. Through its proven process of collaboration, engineered design, and performance measurement, the company facilitates high performing infrastructure, along with physical and network security solutions. The company also excels in the retail industry where it provides IP video, access control, intrusion detection, cloud-based video management, workplace violence prevention, video analytics, network infrastructure, and design & consulting services

  • Chicago Voice and Data

    Chicago Voice and Data

    Chicago Voice and Data provides customers with structured cabling, wiring and networking services

  • ComDesign


    ComDesign can offer a variety of infrastructure solution services including voice and data cabling, fiber optic cabling, data center cabling and more

  • Field Advantage

    Field Advantage

    Field Advantage gives enterprise help desks all the amenities of home at the national level

  • Holden Electric

    Holden Electric

    Holden Electric serves customers throughout northern and central Minnesota. As one of the area’s largest electrical contractors, the company pride on field force and office staff who offers an impressive depth of experience and expertise

  • IK Network Solutions

    IK Network Solutions

    IK-NS is a leading provider of end-to-end, turnkey power and advanced IT infrastructure and transport solutions. Consistently recognized for providing “world class” customer service from the “best in class” IP networking system manufacturers, IK-NS is the clear choice of strategic partners for moving your enterprise to the next generation

  • MCA Communications

    MCA Communications

    MCA is a communications technology integration company that focuses on solutions that enhance the communication and collaboration experience for the enterprise market

  • SignalPath Structured Wiring

    SignalPath Structured Wiring

    Partnering with a certified electrician the company allows to breathe easy and enjoy predictable, hassle-free power management solutions for every type of electrical applications