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Todd Cavanagh, Partner/ VP, Tel Tech NetworksTodd Cavanagh, Partner/ VP
Communication is essential to running a successful business. With new and innovative methods of communication technology evolving at a rapid pace, telecommunication solutions are becoming more effective and affordable. However, implementing a cost-effective telecommunication systems is an uphill task for many due to complex operational procedures and increasing overhead expenses. Thankfully, companies can effectively mitigate these challenges by partnering with a full service telecommunication company. Addressing this need is Tel Tech Networks, a full service telecommunication contractor and integrator. “Tel Tech Networks provides customers with individualized end-to-end solutions in areas including enterprise networking, outside plant cabling, telephony, wireless transmission, video surveillance and security,” mentions Tyler Cavanagh, President of the company.

The company undertakes many telecommunication projects in the retail sector and across hospitals. While working on these projects, Tel Tech Networks follows a unique management style that helps its clients overcome the effects of supply chain issues and downtime. Particularly in the healthcare industry, Tel Tech Networks helps its clients deploy superior access control systems, using devices such as thermal cameras, temperature readers, and other accessories that are used in access control systems to deliver accurate readings. More importantly, the company evaluates whether such systems adhere to compliance and regulatory standards such as HIPAA, mandated by various agencies. It is worth mentioning that Tel Tech Networks helped many hospitals implement access control systems, even during the most challenging times of the pandemic. While undertaking such projects, the company took care of their employees’ health by implementing many safety practices especially for the field staff. As workplace safety is a top priority at TeleTech Networks, the company implements world-class safety programs to ensure workplace safety and the health of its employees.

In the same vein, Tel Tech Networks revamped their entire business during the pandemic, with an aim to improve the overall performance of the organization. As such, the company built a better company structure and implemented many project management tools such as smart sheets and planning tools to track performance.

Tel Tech Networks provides customers with individualized end-to-end solutions in areas including enterprise network, outside plant cabling, telephony, wireless, and video surveillance and security

The project management tools helped them measure five KPIs and provide cost effective and high-quality services to its clients’ broader applications. The tools also helped the company work efficiently and complete the projects on time during the pandemic. For instance, if a field staff tests positive for the COVID-19 virus, the company immediately reassigns the project to another employee to eliminate downtimes.

With such a powerful line of capabilities, Tel Tech Network delivers client projects on time, making no compromise on quality and site safety. While undertaking client projects, Tel Tech Network considers a client’s long term goals in conjunction with the immediate needs and desires for the project. In one instance, a hospital client approached Tel Tech Networks to implement an access control system for their facilities. The client required access control for 2500 doors across six different medical facilities. After noting the client’s immediate requirements, the company implemented a highly efficient system, leveraging its best-in-class products.

Currently, the company is helping one of its clients build robotic distribution centers across the country. Each facility for the distribution center is about 450,000 square feet area, and the project requires Tel Tech Networks to carry out the design and deployment of an enterprise network infrastructure. The company is installing a well planned and designed infrastructure that includes network equipment, CCTV systems, security equipment, and more.

Such success stories stem from Tel Tech Network’s experience in implementing highly complex telecommunication systems for its clients. The secret sauce to Tel Tech Network’s success is its team’s commitment to bringing clients’ projects to life. As Tel Tech Network considers its employees their most valuable assets, it up-skills them by providing several training programs. “We're not just building infrastructure, we're building a team of highly skilled professionals along with the infrastructure they need, via our employee growth programs,” mentions Cavanagh.

Moving ahead, the company plans to augment their client’s existing technologies and system to help them streamline their business. The company is expecting a huge demand for new Wi- Fi equipment, cameras, access control technologies, and more in the days to come. Tel Tech Networks continues to help its client deploy these new technology solutions cost effectively while also ensuring quality .
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Tel Tech Networks

Phoenix, AZ

Todd Cavanagh, Partner/ VP

Tel Tech Networks provides customers with individualized end-to-end solutions in areas including enterprise network, outside plant cabling, telephony, wireless, and video surveillance and security