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Brian Kenkel, Founder and CEO, Prime CommunicationsBrian Kenkel, Founder and CEO
Behind the scenes of every hospital is a myriad of electronic systems, medical equipment, and other technology platforms assisting healthcare personnel. As we enter the era of emerging technologies, healthcare organizations are investing in robust and innovative infrastructures that help enhance patient care. There is however, one aspect that is paramount for the efficiency of a healthcare organization’s infrastructure: cabling.

A healthcare organization’s infrastructure is not a service that just any provider can appropriately take care of, considering the critical environment. Standard structured cabling contractors rarely have the necessary requirements and understanding to work in a healthcare establishment. This is where Nebraska-based Prime Communications, Inc. (Prime) differentiates itself, providing structured cabling that meets the exacting standards required within healthcare facilities. Founded in 2001, Prime is a provider of customized technology solutions focused on protecting and connecting people and facilities.

The quality of installations, combined with unrivaled client collaborations, has allowed Prime to be at the forefront of structured cabling in the healthcare space. Prime has become the go-to provider for a broad range of structured cabling projects across the United States with some of the nation’s largest healthcare manufacturers.

Even in the wake of the ongoing pandemic, Prime is on the frontline, helping hospitals and other healthcare organizations deploy quick and reliable cabling and equipment to augment their capabilities during emergencies. “As the pandemic shows no sign of slowing down, hospitals are expanding their functionalities at a rapid rate, which makes quick deployments imperative,” says Brian Kenkel, Founder and CEO of Prime Communications, Inc. To deal with the influx of patients every day, hospitals are implementing patient monitoring systems, nurse call systems, and other critical medical equipment. Prime facilitates the seamless deployment of these systems by laying a foundation of robust cable infrastructure while also conducting complete overhauls of the existing or outdated cabling wherever needed.

Clients, especially from the healthcare sector, choose Prime for several reasons, including specialized expertise and value for investment.
The lack of qualified technical staff is a glaring problem for most healthcare organizations. “Healthcare is a unique industry, where service providers need to understand a plethora of requirements, including above-ceiling permits, dust containment, and working around nursing staff and patients,” says Kenkel.

Prime, combined with its expertise in servicing healthcare, takes additional measures to deliver the best experience to its clients. Prime’s technical staff go through comprehensive training in the areas of cabling standards, hospital etiquette, and critical thinking, which is crucial in emergency settings.

Most notably, the company is known for deploying national installations and fulfilling projects coast to coast in a timely and efficient manner. Prime follows a proven process from start to finish, always delivering consistent quality for every deployment. All the functions required for national rollouts, ranging from site surveys, design, engineering, procurement and installations, are carried out with unparalleled proficiency and often exceed client expectations. Based on these capabilities, the company ensures seamless collaboration with its clients, ensuring mutual engagement and satisfaction.

“We are more than just a cabling company,” adds Kenkel. In addition to its reliable cabling services, the company provides physical security, wireless solutions and network solutions to meet the technology needs of their clients. These solutions lay the foundation on which clients can build a technological infrastructure to stand the test of time.

Elaborating on the speed and efficiency offered by Prime, Kenkel recalls an instance when they worked with a national healthcare nurse call provider during the peak of COVID. Prime performed rapid cabling development for an emergency hospital wing and completed the project within three days, including the implementation of nurse call stations, code blue stations, bathroom stations, and lighting. For another client project, the company installed a stand-alone wireless network in a hospital that was implementing autonomous robots to pick up linens, deliver food, dispense medicine, and much more. With the help of Prime, the client was able to ensure a robust network for the robots, thus freeing up the staff to focus on more critical issues.

Prime Communications, Inc. takes pride in their work, driven by a team that gives it their all every day to provide quality installations to clients and support their technology needs. “A big part of what makes us effective is our team members, who go above and beyond the requirements to drive the company toward success,” says Kenkel. Being a centrally located organization, Prime is a hub for cabling services throughout the country. With a strong focus on its structured cabling, the company is expanding to provide other technology offerings to its clients on a national level. Prime will also launch multiple centers around the country as demand continues to grow. “We take every process seriously and will keep refining our offerings to provide the clients with the best services in the market,” concludes Kenkel.
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Prime Communications

Prime Communications

Elkhorn, NE

Brian Kenkel, Founder and CEO

A national corporation with a Midwest mentality, Prime Communications provides customized technology solutions to protect and connect your people and facilities. Through its proven process of collaboration, engineered design, and performance measurement, the company facilitates high performing infrastructure, along with physical and network security solutions. The company also excels in the retail industry where it provides IP video, access control, intrusion detection, cloud-based video management, workplace violence prevention, video analytics, network infrastructure, and design & consulting services